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Desert Racing and having good times with friends out in the middle of nowhere runs deep in our roots. That’s why we banded together with Can-Am and created a lifestyle apparel collection that embodies those core values that still ring true today.  


Setting ourselves up for a rad time out in the desert means bringing out all the toys from two-wheels to side-by-sides. We use Can-Ams to scout new zones, hoot and holler with our buddies, have some fun exploring, and sometimes race from point A to point B just for the hell of it. This apparel collection represents the attitude of doing what you love in the places you love, with vehicles that give you that freedom.  

can-am fasthouse apparelm-poser.jpg__PID:69057514-0118-4458-8ccf-a3ac43da17c7

To celebrate the launch of this collaboration, Can-Am asked us to create a short film that embodies how we like to have a good time with their new Maverick R  out in our local desert. So, we got the band back together for a weekend of camping, filming, and high-speed adrenaline.

can-am fasthouse action
can-am fasthouse filmmakingstoryboards-m.jpg__PID:0ba36472-db7f-4369-93c6-500c2c51a037
can-am fasthouse filmmaking
can-am fasthouse filmmaking

We called a few of our FH crew members to join the fun and be the main characters of Dust To Dawn. Tyler McCaul, Carson Storch, Tyler Bereman, and Patrick Evans, joined by Sara Price, ripped around the open desert, living out the ethos of Speed, Style, and Good Times. In tow was Fasthouse founder Kenny Alexander, directing a team of some of the best extreme sports filmmakers in the industry. Steve Haughelstine and Brendan Lutes were the leading camera operators, along with Alex Waston as the assistant shooter, Justin Chapman operating the aerial drone, and Zach Matchem on sound.

can-am fasthouse filmmakingcan-am fasthouse filmmaking

The team set up shots with a backdrop of expanding views, perfect for high-speed chasing as the FH Crew danced in and out of frame, enjoying the raw power of the Can-Am “Maverick R.“ Steve pulled and chased the action in his truck rigged out with camera gear to capture the intensity as Justin flew his drone overhead never missing a glimpse of the fun being had on the desert floor. With the cameras being maneuvered by Brendan and Alex, the scenes came together exactly how Kenny envisioned. 

Tyler Bereman
can-am fasthouse filmmaking
can-am fasthouse action
can-am fasthouse apparel
Campfire Scenem-campfire.jpg__PID:a3ac43da-17c7-4da5-a37b-5944cb495d15

Covering miles upon miles, the FH crew and film team ripped across the desert from sun up to sun down. To finish off the day, everyone gathered around the campfire to shoot the shit, eat some good food, and listen to Cody Jones strum his guitar late into the night.

can-am fasthouse action
Campfire Scene
can-am fasthouse action
can-am fasthouse action

We love sinking our teeth into cool projects like this one. It was a pleasure to work with the good people at Can-Am and to do what we do best. Have a rad time with our friends and capture the story along the way.

Can-Am Fasthouse desert shoot

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can-am fasthousecan-am fasthouse

Director: Kenny Alexander 
DP/Camera: Steve Haughelstine
DP/Camera/Editor: Brendan Lutes
Camera Asst.: Alex Watson
Aerial: Justin Chapman
Sound: Zach Matchem
Photography: Max Mandell
Production Asst.: Keegan Alexander
Production Asst.: Ashley Belt
Unit Manager: Theodore Kredo
Spotter: Johnny Degan
Location Manager: Jason Fontes

Can-Am Fasthouse Action